C++ Concepts [English]

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Date: 17.12.2020 (transfer from 27.11)
Time: 10:00 - 19:00 (GMT+3)
Place: Zoom
300 BYN (till 30.11.2020)
400 BYN (till 16.12.2020)
Duration: 8h

C++ Concepts is one of the most significant and long-awaited features of C++20. They improve template interfaces by explicitly stating the compile-time contract between the user and the architect of the code. Concepts limit the number of compilation errors and make them much more user-friendly when they occur.
The workshop will describe this C++20 feature, its similarities and differences to Concepts TS (provided with gcc-7), and will present ways to benefit from a significant part of the functionality in current production C++ projects that can use only "legacy" C++11 features.
The training targets C++ developers and code architects that want to improve their skills in implementing general-purpose tools.
Learning of C++ Constraints and Concepts
Learning of C++20 Concepts alternatives in legacy code bases
Particular focus on the usage of "C++ templates" in practical tasks

Mateusz Pusz

Chief Software Engineer, EPAM, Gdańsk, Poland

A software architect, chief engineer, and security champion with more than 15 years of experience in designing, writing and maintaining C++ code for fun and living. C++ consultant, trainer, conference …