What is used daily in C++ but still unfamiliar: rvalue references, std::move, copy elision and more [Russian]

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- Template parameter and auto type inference.
- Auto refenerces and passing arguments into a function.
- Expression categories: (gl|r|l|x|pr)-values.
- When are constructors get called and when do not.
- Tail recursion optimisation becomes possible in C++.
- Actually, std::move does not move anything.
- Constexpr vs. const.
- Smart pointers vs. raw pointers.
- Function objects and lambdas.
- Case study: asyncronous notifier.
- Case study: write-only replicable storage.

Vadim Vinnik

Lead Developer, SolarWinds, Kyiv-Minsk, Ukraine-Belarus

Ph.D, 10 years of academic experience: lectures about programming for students, including Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University. 10+ years in software development (mainly in C++ and C#), focusing on data …