Collection processing inside out: applying many functions to a single argument [Russian]

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  • Intramural
  • 12:20
  • RU

Modern C++ is increasingly influenced by concepts and approaches taken from functional programming paradigm. This talk presents an example of a typically functional solution applicable to a pretty wide class of practical tasks. Unlike traditional collection processing (fmap, std::transform) where a number of values are passed through a single function, one can take a single value and pass it through a collection of functions. There are several ways to do so, one of them is described in detail. The talk covers mathematical properties as well as C++ implementation based on variadic temlates and metaprogramming.


Vadim Vinnik

Lead Developer, SolarWinds, Kyiv-Minsk, Ukraine-Belarus

Ph.D, 10 years of academic experience: lectures about programming for students, including Kiev National Taras Shevchenko University. 10+ years in software development (mainly in C++ and C#), focusing on data …

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