Quick and modern C++ [Russian]

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In any large codebase you can always find pieces of code which are not totally understandable. Mostly, such kind of code is implemented when the application needs some performance boost... and, mostly, that code is not useful because it optimizes functionality in wrong place, in incorrect way and in not a good way.
During our masterclass we will get to know to the allocators features, optimizers and implementations of containers; look at assembler code; learn how to correctly and clearly write fast single-threaded and multi-threaded applications.
You only need a complier with C++ 11 support (at least VS 2013/Clang-3.3/GCC-4.8) and basic C++ knowledge

Antony Polukhin

Lead Developer, Yandex, Moscow, Russia

A representative of Russian working group (RG 21 RF) at C++ Standardization Committee. Author of several accepted proposals to the C++ standard. Author of the following Boost libraries: TypeIndex, DLL, …