Antony Polukhin

Lead Developer, Yandex, Moscow, Russia

A representative of Russian working group (RG 21 RF) at C++ Standardization Committee. Author of several accepted proposals to the C++ standard.

Author of the following Boost libraries: TypeIndex, DLL, Stacktrace; maintainer of Any, Conversion, LexicalCast, Variant.

Author of "Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook" and "Boost C++ Application Development Cookbook, Second Edition" books.


C++ tricks from Taxi [Russian]

2019 Autumn

When building large frameworks we often face with typical tasks solutions to which are well-known. However these solutions are not always effective enough and we can do better. In this …


Indispensible C++ [Russian]

2019 Spring

Every trendy programming language goes out of its way to claim that it's faster, more reliable and in general better than C++ in all possible ways. Let's separate facts from …


Useful constexpr [Russian]

2018 Autumn

A new keyword constexpr was introduced in C++11. It looks really nondescript and from the first glance it looks like it dosn't have much sense... Why this keyword is useful, …


How to make your weekly job in an hour

2017 Spring

Стандартная библиотека C++ крайне гибка и позволяет решать множество задач. Однако мало кто знает о некоторых её возможностях, из-за чего порой вместо написания нескольких строчек кода люди неделями пишут своё …


Compile-time reflection in C++14 without macro and additional markup

2016 Autumn

Недавно было открыто несколько новых метапрограмных техник в C++, позволяющих реализовать рефлексию, работающую "из коробки". В докладе я расскажу об этих техниках, покажу примеры использования и расскажу об их применимости …



Quick and modern C++ [RUSSIAN]

Course Description: In any large codebase you can always find pieces of code which are not totally understandable. Mostly, such kind of code is implemented when the application needs some …