Alexander Titov

Senior Hardware Architect, Intel, Moscow

Alexander Titov is a Hardware Architect with 11 years of experience in hardware design and performance/power modeling. He started designing GPUs a year ago, and before that he worked on latest Intel CPUs. Alexander specializes in memory hierarchy (caching, prefetching, and memory ordering). He is passionate about new computation paradigms, high performance hardware, well-written code, modern C++, and teaching.


GPGPU: what it is and why you should care [Russian]

2019 Spring

GPGPU consists in performing General-Purpose computation on Graphics Processing Units (GPU). Leveraging highly-parallel GPU hardware, this approach allows accelerating some applications by over an order of magnitude over a traditional …


Know Your Hardware: CPU Memory Hierarchy [Russian]

2018 Autumn

If you care about performance, you must know your hardware. Modern CPUs have many properties that can impact the performance of C++ code. This talk provides an overview of the …