Arno Schödl

Co-Founder and Technical Director of think-cell, Berlin, Germany

Arno is responsible for the design, architecture and development of all our software products. He oversees think-cell's R&D team, Quality Assurance and Customer Care.

Before founding think-cell, Arno worked at Microsoft Research and McKinsey. Arno studied computer science and management and holds a Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology with a specialization in Computer Graphics.


The C++ rvalue lifetime disaster [English]

2019 Autumn

Rvalue references have been with us since C++11. They have originally been introduced to make moving objects more efficient: the object an rvalue reference references is assumed to go out …


Text Formatting For a Future Range-Based Standard Library [English]

2018 Autumn

Text formatting has been a favorite problem of C++ library authors for a long time. The standard C++ iostreams have been criticized for being difficult to use due to their …