Klaus Iglberger

Independent consultant, Munich, Germany

Klaus Iglberger is a freelancing C++ trainer and consultant. He has finished his PhD in computer science in 2010 and since then is focused on large-scale C++ software design. He shares his experience in popular advanced C++ courses around the world. Additionally, he is the initiator and lead designer of the Blaze C++ math library and (co-)organizer of the Munich C++ user group.


Embrace No-Paradigm Programming! [English]

2020 Spring

What kind of language is C++? Is it a procedural programming language? An object-oriented programming language? A functional programming language? A generic programming language? All of those? None of those? …



Modern C++ Design Patterns [English]

Date: 11.12.2020 Time: 10:00 - 19:00 (GMT+3) Place: Zoom Cost: 300 BYN (till 22.11.2020) 350 BYN (till 29.11.2020) 400 BYN (till 10.12.2020) Duration: 8h Design patterns have proven to be …