SG6 Numerics: what, why and how [Russian]

  • Stream 2
  • Intramural
  • 15:00
  • RU

There's a group of people in C++ Standardization Committee that deals with number represtntation in different ways in C++.
If you're interested in what technical problems they deal with, why these problems need to be addressed and why we have nearly zero information about this commitee group - welcome to the talk. If you're interested in some job aspects inside of the Committee - you're even more welcome :)
Hardcoreness: low. Level of anger towards the C++ Committee: middle.

Alexander Zaitsev

Developer, SolarWinds, Minsk, Belarus

Develops data backup and recovery software. In his spare time, actively contributes to Boost.Algorithm, is also interested in text processing algorithms. Devotes rest of the time to WG21 helping to …