C++20: Concepts [English]

  • Stream 1
  • Intramural
  • 16:20
  • EN

C++20 is finally here and with it the feature that was long time
coming -- concepts.
This talk will cover what concepts conceptually are (pun intended),
how they fit into the rest of C++, the requires syntax and a few
caveats of using them.
Some people deem concepts a huge and important addition to C++
while some consider them unnecessary because most features they
provide can be simulated with the detection idiom. Let's see
in which group you will be after this talk.

Ivan Čukić

Senior Software Engineer, KDAB; Core KDE developer, Serbia

Ivan Čukić is the author of "Functional Programming in C++" published by Manning. He is a Senior Software Engineer at KDAB and one of the core developers of KDE, the …