Python for C++ developers [English]

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* Abstract

This session will give a short introduction to the Python programming language from the perspective of C++ programmer.

We will go over the core Python language and compare its features with
C++. Although many things are similar, you will learn about some
interesting and surprising differences between the two languages.
Along the way, you'll see what makes Python so wonderfully dynamic and
so much fun to work with.

* Outline
Note: the outline is not set in stone. Depending on the experience
level of the audience, and any questions that come up, we may deviate.

** Morning
In the morning we will quickly cover the core language features and syntax.
*** Introduction
- Introducing Python
- Basic syntax
- How python code is executed
- Pros and cons of dynamic typing

*** Basic Language overview
- Variables, Values
- Built-in datatypes
- Looping
- Functions
- Exceptions

*** Object Orientation
- Classes, objects, attributes
- Object creation
- Inheritance
- Magic methods

** Afternoon
There are a lot of things we can cover in the afternoon. Here's a list
of topics that I will touch on; depending on the audience we will
spend more time on some topics and less with others.

*** Advanced concepts
- closures, decorators and properties
- comprehensions
- iteration, generators and generator expressions
- type checking

*** Libraries
- the standard library
- packages and virtual environments
- the package index

*** Practical Application
We can take a short look at some interesting and powerful libraries
that showcase the remarkable expressiveness of Python, for example:

- Requests (consume REST api's)
- Flask (building a web site)
- Pandas (data science)

**** System requirements
- You need a recent Python installation (3.7 or later).
- You also need a good code editor or IDE. You can use any editor you like; we recommend VS Code or PyCharm.

Дата: 28.04.2021
Время: 10:00 - 19:00 (GMT+3)
Место: Zoom.
350 BYN (до 31.03.2021)
400 BYN (до 28.04.2021)

Reindert-Jan Ekker

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