Phil Nash

Developer Advocate, JetBrains, UK

Phil is the author of the test frameworks Catch for C++ and Objective-C, and Swordfish for Swift. As Developer Advocate at JetBrains he's involved with CLion, AppCode and ReSharper C++. More generally he's an advocate for good testing practices, TDD and using the type system and functional techniques to reduce complexity and increase correctness. He's previously worked in Finance and Mobile as well as an independent consultant and coach specialising in TDD on iOS.


Types, Tests and Total Functions - a Perfect Storm [English]

2020 Spring

When static vs. dynamic language debates flare up, someone invariably says that static languages are best because the compiler catches so many potential bugs. To which the dynamic language advocates …



Accelerated TDD: For More Productive C++ [English]

We all know that writing tests for our code is “what we should do”, and maybe we’re even doing that already. But it feels like extra busy-work that slows us …