Dori Exterman

CTO @IncrediBuild, Israel

Dori Exterman has lectured at Meeting C++, ACCU, Jenkins World and many other conferences.
An expert software developer and product strategist, Dori Exterman has 20 years of experience in the software development industry.
As Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of IncrediBuild, he directs the company's product strategy and is responsible for product vision, emerging technologies, and technical partnerships.
Before joining IncrediBuild, Dori held a variety of technical roles at software companies, with a focus on architecture, performance, and advanced technologies.
He is a frequent speaker on technological advancement in development tools and manages the country-wide development forums for these tools.


Considerations for choosing the parallel computing strategy that fits your needs

2017 Spring

Multi-core architecture is the present and future way in which the market is addressing Moore’s law limitations. Multi-core workstations, high performance computers, GPUs and the focus on hybrid/ public cloud …