Ivan Čukić

Senior Software Engineer, KDAB; Core KDE developer, Serbia

Ivan Čukić is the author of "Functional Programming in C++" published by Manning.

He is a Senior Software Engineer at KDAB and one of the core developers of KDE, the largest free/libre open source C++ project.

He is also teaching modern C++ techniques and functional programming at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade and has been using C++ for more than 20 years. He has been researching functional programming in C++ before and during his PhD studies, and uses the techniques in real-world projects.


C++20: Concepts [English]

2020 Spring

C++20 is finally here and with it the feature that was long time coming -- concepts. This talk will cover what concepts conceptually are (pun intended), how they fit into …


New C++ features for writing DSLs [English]

2019 Spring

C++ is not the best language for writing domain-specific languages (DSLs), but it does have a few tricks up its sleeves. Expression templates have been the go-to approach for this …


Asynchronous programming with ranges [English]

2018 Autumn

This talk will be about the design and implementation of a reactive programming model inspired by ranges that allows easy implementation of asynchronous and distributed software systems by writing code …


The beast is becoming functional

2017 Autumn

C++ has been stagnant for a long time, and while using many functional programming idioms with C++ was always possible, it was never easy. With each new version of the …



Advanced C++ techniques and functional programming idioms [English]

2018 Autumn

- Algorithms in the standard library - Function objects in C++, callables and std::invoke - Lazy evaluation, lazy algorithms and ranges - Creating new language constructs on the library level …