Embrace No-Paradigm Programming! [English]

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What kind of language is C++? Is it a procedural programming language? An object-oriented programming language? A functional programming language? A generic programming language? All of those? None of those?
In this talk I’ll analyse why it is increasingly hard to answer these questions, especially since the advent of “Modern C++”. I’ll demonstrate by example that the good solutions, i.e. the solutions that promote loose coupling, ease of use, ease of maintenance, and performance, are not firmly rooted in either one of the traditional paradigms. The examples will raise doubt whether it is reasonable to try to assign C++ to any one of the paradigms. Instead, they may be an indication that we should embrace no-paradigm programming.

Klaus Iglberger

Independent consultant, Munich, Germany

Klaus Iglberger is a freelancing C++ trainer and consultant. He has finished his PhD in computer science in 2010 and since then is focused on large-scale C++ software design. He …